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ATSG - Saturn GM Saab Volvo Nissan AF23 / 33-5 - AW55-50 / 51SN - RE5F22A

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The AF23/33-5 is a fully-automatic, five speed, electronically controlled, front-wheel drive transmission. This transmission is currently used by many different vehicle manufacturers such as GM, Infiniti, Nissan, Saab, Saturn, Suzuki & Volvo. In the GM, Saturn & Suzuki vehicles, the transmission is known as the AF23/33-5. In Saab vehicles it's designated FA 57. Nissan and Infiniti call it the RE5F22A & in a Volvo it's known as the AW55-50/51SN. This transmission contains three planetary gear sets, three driving friction elements, five holding friction elements (one of which is a servo applied band), two sprags, and a torque converter, which contains a clutch assembly for increased fuel efficiency. The three planetary gear sets provide five forward speeds and one reverse speed. Gear ratio change is fully automatic and controlled through the Transmission Control Module (TCM). The TCM monitors and receives inputs from various electronic sensors, then uses the information to control shift timing, clutch apply control, line pressure control & torque converter clutch application. This manual will contain overhaul information pertaining to the AF23/33-5, AW55- 50/51SN & RE5F22A transmission. ATSG breaks down the process step by step to provide you with a very detailed description to help you in repairing, overhauling & servicing the AW55-50 automatic transmission. ATSG technical manuals are written and produced by ATSG's professional technical staff. They have over 100+ combined years of experience, knowledge & wisdom. Their technical manuals are in-depth, detailed & continue to assist many technical professionals & "Do-It-Yourselfers" across the globe saving them tremendous amounts of time & money. If you are looking to complete a band adjustment, torque specs, service a transmission, shift kits, or just doing a full rebuild on a unit our technical manuals are a must have.

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